Health & Safety

You should contact your doctor at least 3 months prior to your travel to obtain a health check to ensure you have the correct fitness level. It is compulsory to have adequate travel & health insurance to cover any medical or travel emergencies you might experience while on your trip. If you choose to bring your own bike with you, please note, that if you have an accident on your bike while on your trip, you are responsible for the bike as well. If you have severe allergies or asthma please carry necessary inhalers or epi-pens and notify us about your condition. We do not stock such items in our first aid kit (this also includes any antihistamines creams, ibuprofen or other medications which you may need or want). EU Citizens please ensure that you have adequate coverage and do not rely on your EHIC card (Formerly the E111) as your only form of insurance. Travel insurance should be obtained before you travel. This insurance will have coverage to include cycling. A copy of it should be sent to us before you arrival.